Nebraska is flooding

Along with parts of Iowa. I had a premonition about the snow being high about two weeks ago. But then rain started.

I joked a little but hoped for the best. Then we found out that people at work were having flooding

issues in Fremont.

My friend came over and asked me to come with her to Blair to finish moving a work van because she too was told to evacuate.

My parents called about a bridge in Plattsmouth. Currently I’m waiting for them to contact me back. We’re being told that it’s the worst flooding in 50 years.

Our water here in Omaha went undrinkable.

All this as we still have to live our lives.

I didn’t see pictures until today of the damages and I pray that this faith we have holds us strong enough to rebuild.

I added a Google picture for those of you who hadn’t heard all the places who are in need of donations.

Any donations for children such as diapers, clothing, shoes, baby milk, for adults gift cards, water, food for families and people who without. Hotel vouchers for the misplaced. If anyone can think of anything else please comment below.

With love from Nebraska

C L Cunningham




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