Dear Phoenix Sky Harbor

Sitting in the air port thinking about how I was just about strip searched in front of 50 people.

My beautiful big sister drops me off with love and we’ll wishes as I unloaded my bags from her car.

I’m smiling and feeling happy about my time here in Phoenix. I get my bags checked and head for security check.

I stand in the proper way. I put all the belongings that I’ve brought in the trays as instructed.

As I come out of the scanning station the TSA agent tells me that I flagged in the buttocks area. I’m a bit annoyed because I took great care in picking clothes with no extra buckles and belts.

She instructs me on how she will be searching me and asked if I wanted a private search. I said no because the area in which she said she would run her hands didn’t need privacy in my thoughts.

As she’s searching me I begin to feel uncomfortable. She ran her hands across my butt. Then across my waist. Took both hands down my thigh from the side of my vagina down my leg. Then ran her hands across my vagina pubic hair. Proceeded to switch to the other leg and then ran her fingers in my mid panty area between my legs. Thank God I wore underwear today.

She went again across my waist, then bent down before me on her knees lifted my dress and pulled down my leggings to look inside. After she took a wipe and wiped both my hands and tested the wipe with a machine.

I became angry as I quietly waited for the test results. Others were passing by without one other person getting stopped.

She did my mention swiping my hands or putting her hand on my vagina when she explained the search. She also did not mention looking into my leggings. Which also triggered emotions of embarrassment and violation.

I was then cleared to continue to my gate.

I pushed through the sign annoyed and traumatised.

I now sit here wondering what the flag actually was.

Dear Phoenix Sky Harbor. Teach your TSA agents to better explain why you are stopped and the full nature of the search. If it had been better explained I would have opted for a more private search.


C L Cunningham



Ermias Asghedom

Also known as Nipsy Hussel . He was great spirit with foresight and vision.

He had a premonition to look ahead of today and point a generation of listeners to a different tomorrow.

I found this article about the man behind the scope of entertainment on NBC news. It mentioned his dream of expanding clothing and technology to new beginnings for our culture.

Changing the way we see health and healing and opening our eyes to bigger ideas for our communities.

I wanted to know more about the path he was taking. Following him on social media I wouldn’t have known how impressive his mindset was.

I am now enlightened.

Saddened by the length of his journey I pray his walk isn’t forgotten. That his legacy his lives on in his three children and his fiance Lauren London.

Peace be with us on this day March 31st 2019.

Xoxo Kandee

C L Cunningham

Photo credit Nispey Hussel instagram and photographer Awol Erizku

Nebraska is flooding

Along with parts of Iowa. I had a premonition about the snow being high about two weeks ago. But then rain started.

I joked a little but hoped for the best. Then we found out that people at work were having flooding

issues in Fremont.

My friend came over and asked me to come with her to Blair to finish moving a work van because she too was told to evacuate.

My parents called about a bridge in Plattsmouth. Currently I’m waiting for them to contact me back. We’re being told that it’s the worst flooding in 50 years.

Our water here in Omaha went undrinkable.

All this as we still have to live our lives.

I didn’t see pictures until today of the damages and I pray that this faith we have holds us strong enough to rebuild.

I added a Google picture for those of you who hadn’t heard all the places who are in need of donations.

Any donations for children such as diapers, clothing, shoes, baby milk, for adults gift cards, water, food for families and people who without. Hotel vouchers for the misplaced. If anyone can think of anything else please comment below.

With love from Nebraska

C L Cunningham



60 Days of changing my life

I joined an online exercise course a few years back.

Rapper, producer, actor,and video game creator, and business owner Jayceon Taylor best known as The Game started a fitness wave named 60 Days of Fitness.

I became very inspired by changing my eating habits and workout plan. After trying and failing to lose weight I needed a little push.

Mr. Taylor gave me the vision of the becoming fit from a great stand point of 0 days off.

The program comes with quick routines for those of us on the go. With home work-out routines for those of us who don’t belong to a gym.

I decided to do another round of the program and this time I added my love for yoga into my fitness plan.

The results have been enlightening and wonderful.

If I needed a boost of motivation I could follow the 60daysoffitness Instagram and get more inspiration from the additional couches. I also collaborated with the 60daysoffitness meal plan for dinner ideas and lunch tips.

As I believe that health is wealth and the power of a healthy lifestyle is the only positive power that I need.

Thank you 60 Days of Fitness crew for your soul work for the world and I hope to complete another one day soon.

Til then happy Sunday everyone

Xoxo Kandee


Out of Omaha on to the big screen

Growing up in Omaha Nebraska has never been the picnic in the park, easy going “Good Life” that’s written on the sign.

That life is for some,but not for all. Hidden behind the scenes of our city is a quiet rule of thumb pictured in the documentary Out of Omaha.

The movie follows twin Trotter brothers around for a span of eight years. Showing the ups and downs of life due to racial and economic crisis for people of color.

The director,writers,actors,and producers put together a vision of what it takes to move ahead of life when the odds are stacked against you.

Out of Omaha will be available March 6 and 9th at the Aksarben Cinema.

đŸ“·photo courtesy of

The Armageddon Complex

Saturday morning and I’m doing some light reading.

I came across this book through twitter and I was interested in reading what this author had to offer.

I dug in and to my enjoyment I found a interesting story about secrets and lies.

The who,what, and why keeps me reading to find out the truth.

The characters Dale and Gain jump instantly into something bigger than they both were prepared for.

Author Richard Godwin does an excellent job of keeping the reader on the edge of what is going to happen next.

I invite all you to grab a cup of relaxation. Kick up your heels and read this suspense thriller The Armageddon Complex.

Til next time.

Xoxo Kandee